The sallet or salade was a popular and elegant headpiece in use across much of Europe throughout the second half of the 15th century.


Various forms developed during this time, all fitting closely to the front and sides of the head. Sallets made in the Italian style, like our bellows face sallet, generally had short, rounded tails that fitted closely to the back of the neck. The extended bellows style visor on this example is a later development that is based on a transitional piece (between the sallet and the Maximilian-style close-helm of the 16th century) that is dated to around 1490.


Crafted in 14 gauge steel with an adjustable leather liner and chinstrap


Available in the following sizes

Medium - AB0343 - Head Circumference up to 25 inch


Made by GDFB.


Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.


We also offer a wide selection of helmets and other protective clothing for the re-enactor


Stand Not Included - Available as OB3064


Bellows Face Helmet - 14 g - AB0343

SKU: AB0343
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    Dealers please contact us for Trade Prices


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