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This Code 16B - Sleeveless - 26 inch Thigh Length Chainmail Shirt featuring Blackened Round Ring / Butted Construction.


AB2789 = Size: Fits up to 55” chest size measured over a gambeson and undergarments

AB2798 = Size: Fits up to 60” chest size measured over a gambeson and undergarments


Key Features:

  • Blackened Finish
  • Mild Steel
  • Round Ring/Butted


The hauberk and haubergeon sizes are a little confusing, as they relate to the actual circumference of the mail garment, rather than a chest size. Size 48"/50" will fit up to a 44" chest dimension measured over a gambeson (and any other clothing worn with the gambeson), While the 60" size will fit up to a 54" chest dimension, again measured over the gambeson etc.


Made By GDFB

Chainmail - Sleeveless - Mercenary Grade - Code 16B - AB2789 - AB2798


    Dealers please contact us for Trade Prices

  • Code 16B - Mercenary Grade

    Construction: Butted.
    Ring Type: Round Wire
    Material: 16ga. mild steel.
    Finish: Blackened
    Ring Internal Diameter: 10mm.

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