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Folding Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Non Locking Knife Blade



  • Penknife Blade
  • Small Knife
  • Handle scales: Synthetic



Product length: 90 mm
Blade length: 70 mm
Blade width: 12 mm
Product weight: 35g

Specs will vary slightly from piece to piece.


Made in the Czech Republic by Mikov 

Knives, swords and other cutlery have been manufactured in the Mikulášovice region of the Czech lands since the 18th century.  During the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century most of the population of Mikulášovice and the surrounding area were employed in the cutlery industry and the town became known as the “Czech Solingen”.  The roots of the Mikov company can be traced back to 1794 and the company has continued production throughout its long history and survived a period when the area became part of the Third Reich territories.  Today, Mikov continue their long tradition of manufacturing high quality cutlery and use modern materials and employ modern methods of manufacture, such as cryogenic (deep freezing) thermal treatment, to produce a large range of sporting, domestic and professional knives.

Folding Pocket Knife - Stainless Steel Blade - From Mikov -200-NH2

SKU: 200-NH2
£5.40 Regular Price
£4.08Sale Price

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