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Ogami Katana by Dragon King


Dragon King Founder, Frenchie Jin, was inspired as a young man by the Lone Wolf and Cub series which sparked his interest in swords. To honor his hero, Dragon King faithfully reproduces Ogami Itto's katana with a forged and functional blade.

Simple yet powerful in its design, the distinctive blackened abalone (awabi) shell tsuba contrasts against the highly polished fuchi and kashira etched with Japanese Dogwood blossoms. The tsuka is wrapped in black cotton over white same (rayskin) with silver dragon menuki.

The 28 3/8” forged blade is sheathed in a black ribbed saya featuring a silver steel kojiri with etched Japanese Dogwood blossom motif matching the katana. Black buffalo horn koiguchi and kurikata with black sageo complete the saya. Included is a silver kozuka (small knife) etched with the Japanese Dogwood blossom motif. Sword collectors and fans of the series will appreciate the effort to replicate this piece.


Kozuka Overall 7 3/8” Blade 3 3/8” Handle 4”


Made by Dragon King.



Key Features:

  • Faithful reproduction of the Ogami Katana
  • 28 3/8" Forged Steel Blade
  • Traditional Handle Construction




Overall: 41"
Blade Length: 28 3/8"
Handle Length: 11 1/4"
Weight: 2 lbs 8 lbs
Sori: 1"
Blade Steel: T10
Hrc Edge: 60
Hrc Back: 40

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.

Ogami Katana - SD35050

SKU: SD35050
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